As we know The Kapil Sharma Show is famous and popular in the audience it is one of the best comedy shows in India the Kapil Sharma Show is loving and entertaining many people are waiting to watch the Saturday episode it will be amazing and interesting and this show comes on Sony TV channel on television this show going well with great TRP.

The Kapil Sharma Show 19th February 2022 Written Update

This show is where many popular celebrities come for their promotion of the new movie and show. we will see something new in the upcoming show. Here we have many things to share with you related to the upcoming show.

we have seen the latest promo videos of The Kapil Sharma Show. we have seen Kapil welcoming Dhak Dhak Girl. then We will see Madhuri Dixit with Sanjay Kapoor, Lakshvir Saran, Mushkan Jafri, and Manav Kol.

They will come for their The Game Web Series it will become on Netflix they will come for the promotion, in the latest promo of TKSS we will see Kapil sing the song for Dhak Dhak girl and dance with her after that he will start comedy with Madhuri related to her marriage when she was married to Dr. Nene to keep a check her heartbeat. then Kapil will welcome the team of The Fame Game. Keep reading.

Sanjay Kapoor is also a part of the show when he knew that Madurai was the part of it then he is starting joking about how was the first instance he took up the series, as we know that Madurai is very famous for her dance and acting and she is very hardworking and she has done many movies and we will see Madurai she will play with her eyes and she will entertain the audience and the team of The Fame Game. If you will see today’s episode of the TKSS it will be amazing.

Kapil will give the same task to the audience he wants to see that who can do the same like a Madhuri Dixit after that people also try to perform the same task like a Madhuri and the audience will enjoy the task who do better than Kapil will start thee comedy with the audience and entertain than by his comedy words.

Then Kapil will ask some questions to the team related to the series and they will give some information about to new series they will all entertain the audience. then Kapil Sharma Show team members will entertain them with their comedy.


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