Leaking someone’s private video has become one of the biggest crimes in the world. While many big celebrities are also becoming prey to this kind of crime by unknown people. They shot their private videos and blackmail them. Currently, another same case is revolving on the Internet and fans are curious to know about this case and searching for the information related to the rumors.

Tiwa Savage Full Leaked Video

Tiwa Savage who is a popular Nigerian Singer has revealed that she is being blackmailed over a $ex tape or video she did with the person she is currently dating.

Tiwa Savage Leaked Video

She revealed during an interview with the American radio host of Power105.1, Angie Martize, and also revealed the video featured her and her current partner who she is dating right now. She said in an Interview,” Yesterday when I was leaving a radio station and sit in my car suddenly, my road manager sent me adult tape which was supposed that the blackmailer forwarded him to sent me”.

She added that when he asked me to check my phone, I check it and there was a video on my phone and I was just like Woah, I asked him that where did he get the video from, he replied that he received this video about 20 minutes ago”.

The video was featuring her and the partner with whom she is currently dating. She revealed that the first thing she did after she received a video and sent it to her manager and asked what we should do? Currently, the blackmailer is asking for the money and her partner is also going crazy after knowing about the video.

Tiwa Savage Private Video With Boyfriend Leaked

At the moment, the manager asked that how much the blackmailer is asking for. But she decided that she will not pay him because again, he will come back for more money and later he will come again for more. Maybe, it will continue for life.

She said in an interview,” I decided not to pay the person because If I do, after two months from today, three months from then, and even after two years, he will come back to get more money”.

Later she added that who knows if I will give him money and probably, the unknown person will release the tape. I am not going to let blackmail me for having something natural”. Maybe, the singer has taken any action against the blackmailer and police have also started their investigation regarding the case. Along with this, the identity of the singer’s partner is still unknown and she is not going to reveal his name.


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