WATCH: Titliyaan ULLU Web Series: Watch All Episodes Online, Cast Real Name, & Storyline: Have you seen the trailer of the upcoming series by Ullu, it is known as ‘Titliyaan’, which means butterfly. This must be an analogy to the series as the trailer had made it clear that it will be showcasing the freedom that a butterfly desires and the world denies. Follow More Updates On

Titliyaan ULLU Web Series

Titliyaan ULLU Web Series

Titliyaan is going to be released on the OTT platform Ullu and its trailer has taken the eyes of everyone and caught their attention. The show is going to focus on the life of two women who love each other, however, they are bound by the norms of the world and it makes them feel scared as they try to take flight into a new and free world.

Titliyaan ULLU Web Series Review

The trailer is available on Youtube and has received praise from many. The show will contain erotic elements just as any other series by Ullu. However, one thing that will be standing out for the series is that it will be featuring the taboo that has been created by society and its darkness of it as well. It will be a romantic drama and will be focusing on lesbian couples. The cast of the show is Taniya Chatterjee and details of the whole cast will be made available soon. For now, we know that the show is going to release on the Ullu app on the 22nd of July of this year.

Titliyaan ULLU Web Series Trailer

There is a lot of other web series that are available on Ullu as well. But, this is one of those few which will be focusing its attention on the norms of the society that are still considered unacceptable and people are still living in fear of discovering themselves, coz if they do society won’t make them live peacefully.

Titliyaan ULLU Web Series Cast Real Name

Even though we are living in a modern society it is still disturbing that the society around us has not moved on from the orthodox traditions and culture. Acceptance is still a taboo to the socially different and the outcasts that are made by society. It is only a few away and the series will finally be available and you will be able to watch it soon.


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