The internet is mourning th death of a popular Youtuber and Tik Tok star who died in a single-vehicle crash that was happened last month on June 16, 2021. A 30-years-old Tik Tok star, Timbo The Redneck rushed to the hospital on June 16 when he was badly injured in a single-vehicle accident that happened near Perth.

who is timbo the redneck

The recent news is claiming that the star passed away after a long treatment. Since the death news went viral over the Internet, many fans have shown their love for Timbo The Redneck.

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Who Was Timbo The Redneck?

According to the sources, Timbo The Redneck whose real name was Timothy Hall died this week due to a tragic accident. The death news of Timbo The Redneck was shared by his mother through a video that was posted on Timothy’s TikTok and Instagram account. His fans and followers are mourning his death after it was being circulated over the Internet.

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Many incidents have been recorded where a popular Tik Tok star Fouad Haddad who was also known as Fr3sh died in a tragic bike accident months ago. Now, one more vehicle incident happened with another Tik Tok star who gained over a million followers.

Along with this, many fans are still searching for the cause of his death. Also, we have already shared much information of Tik Tok star, Timbo The Redneck. Who is he? How did he die? We will share all the details about his family, and social media handles.

Timothy Passed Away In Accident Video

Some of the people are still searching for his real name well, Timothy Hall was the real name of Timbo The Redneck who was popular for creating his funny content videos and he had a family of around 194,000 followers on his account. Along with this, the creator from Old South was also popular for amazing, funny, and comedic sketches, and because of this, he gained up to 2.4 million combined views.

His death news was officially shared by his mother on his Tik Tok account and wrote, Hi, I am a mother of Timbo The Redneck, Tassie. He won’t be making more videos for you. My son had a bad accident yesterday”.

The sadness of his fans can be seen over the Internet where they are sharing their pictures and video to pay tribute. His mother shared a heartbreaking video on the Internet. Well, Timothy’s mother, Tassie did not share much information about his accident and during writing this article, the reason for his death is still unknown.

Donate For His Funeral Through GoFundMe

According to the reports, the Timothy family revealed that they set up fundraising money through GoFundMe for his funeral. Also, she dropped a link for donation on Timbo The Redneck Tik Tok account. You can also donate a little amount of money.


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