TikTok: Who is Myra Khan aka myrakhan? Adoption Center Child Abuse Video goes viral: A video of Myra Khan has gone viral and that video had some brutal incidents which will shock you. This video has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit and later the video was deleted by the user but people who got angry after watching that shared it on their social media. If you are wondering which video are we talking about so don’t worry we have mentioned the details about this viral video and the link of the video which is now getting millions of likes and people are giving negative comments on this video. So, let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Myra Khan aka myrakhan

Viral Video Of Myra Khan On Twitter?

A video that was shared by her on her account now becomes a curse for her. In the video, it was seen that she was abusing the small girl and feeding her food forcefully the child is crying and she saw beating the child. She recorded this video of her to share on her social media to get viral for other purposes but people gave an angry reaction to this video and then she deleted her video. But her video had gained millions of views and was shared by many people so this video is now on the internet. Below we have shared the link to the video

Who is Myra Khan aka myrakhan?

Myra worked at an adoption center as a worker. She is also a TikTok video creator and she shared a video of abusing a child who was denying eating. She was the one who was there for adoption and one family was coming to take her with them. When people gave negative comments on that video she later deleted the video and now this video is getting viral on the internet and people want to give her punishment for this work.

Is Myra Arrested For Child Abusing?

Well, for now, she is not arrested as no one registered a complaint against her till now. Many people are sharing comments about her actions Shame on you Myra. This video was shared by Aquil who is a YouTuber of Palestinian so we can assume that this incident happened in Palestine. She also holds a stick with her to scare the young girl so she can easily eat the food. No information about this young girl is not mentioned on the website so we cannot share information about that girl.


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