TikTok: What Happened To Caden Mcguire’s Girlfriend Stefanie Risher? Ohio Accident Details: The most famous TikTok star Caden Mcguire’s girlfriend has died in a car accident that happened two years before. Now this news is getting viral on the internet. People are searching for this news and want to know the cause of her death. His girlfriend’s name was Stefanie she was the radiologist in the hospital. Her death news was confirmed by the doctor, she die at the age of twenty-one because of severe injuries. If you want to know more about her we have given detailed information about her in the next section. So you can read the whole article for further information. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Stefanie Risher

Who Is Stefanie Risher?

Stefanie was born on 15th July 1997 in the US. She was the girlfriend of Caden Mcguire who is the most popular social influence and has a great following on his Instagram account. As per information, she died at such a young age. She was just 21 years old, it’s been said that she was studying radiology and she was doing an internship in Aainity Hospital which is in Massillon and she shared a post on her Instagram in which she mentioned her boyfriend with #blessed. She met him online and they both started talking and fell in love with each other.

Family Of Stephanie Risher?

Stephanie’s parents are named Fredick Rick her dad and her mother’s name is Lisa and they have both been living in the Middle recently. She also had a sister Kayla Burcher whom she loved the most and she shared every secret with her her sister got numb after she heard her death news. Her friends & relatives got shocked when they came to know about her death. Though this accident happened two years before still, her family missed her. Her boyfriend is now shifted to Los Angeles and it is believed that he is single now.

Cause Of Her Death?

After the investigation by the police officers, they said that she was coming home with her boyfriend from a friend’s birthday party and they both were drunk at that time and they were on the Ohio State Highway on Township road 429, this incident happened around 12:20 am they both were drunk and she can’t handle the car and they collapsed with the highway barriers. She was immediately sent to the nearby hospital named Akron General Hospital and she was under medical surgery but because of the severe injuries, she can’t survive that and died.


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