Currently, a new trend is going viral on the Internet. A well-known The Rid Along Crew drama which is also known as Content Violation has been trending on the Tik Tok platform for the last few days and everyone is curious to know about this. The Tik Tok drama owing to all the drama it’s been involved in it.

the ride along crew ongoing drama explained

As we know that the popularity of the Tik Tok platform has been spread around the world and if something is going viral on social media, you may get to know easily from this platform. After the crew member Jimmy Jones was accused of assaulting a woman, the sudden disappearance of another member, officer Kingery from the same Tik Tok platform.

The Ride Along Crew Ongoing Drama Explained

This time, his disappearance of has gathered a lot of attention of the Tik Tok and social media users across the world. Let us tell our readers that Ride Along Crew is a group of boys who have been performing on the Tik Tok platform.

The group has also performed with a unique one-night concert with bands such as Barr None, Tainted Lyric, and Ty Garci as well. The members of the group are performing on Content Violation and Along with this, the US producers entertained the audience on the stage.

Maybe, some of the social media users don’t know that Ride Along Crew is a performer on Tik Tok as well as a Youtube group that consists of 8 members. The group has more than 90K subscribers on the Youtube channel. We like to explain this drama as on November 2, 2021, a video was posted by Jimmy on Tik Tok addressing the allegation that was made against him and he denied accepting all the allegations.

He revealed in a video that Brianna wanted to have kids but he did not want that which created some issues in their relationship. He also admitted that he was cheating on her by having an affair.

Later, he denies accepting the allegation that was made over him about assaulting Tik Tok star Georgia Lanscapper’s wife. He clearly said,” everyone on the Internet spreading all kinds of other stuff. Let me clear you all right now. I have never assaulted and harassed anybody in my whole life”.

Well, the drama later captured big attention after the fans noticed that Officer Kingery was missing in the videos. Along with this, the Instagram account of Kingery has been deactivated too.

Since he was disappeared from the social media accounts, his disappearance is creating big questions among fans and they couldn’t understand that what is actually going on among the group. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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