Trending names among TikTok stars Dixie and Charli D’Amelio are going to release their song. This song is titled ‘Psycho’. Dixie D’Amelio revealed the release date on her Instagram. The TikTok sensation gets huge attention after revealing the song’s release date. According to her Instagram post, the song Psycho going to be launch on July 23, 2021. Here are brief details about the singer and personality behind this upcoming song. So let’s begin the discussion over the song.


The 19-year-old who already released many amazing songs and has huge active listeners on Spotify. Currently, she is all set to bring this upcoming song. She has more than 2.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

While just a few days ago the singer had released more other songs. In the last music video, she wore decked Jewellery as she donned elbow-high black leather gloves. There are many fans who are waiting for the song eagerly.

The breathtaking retro look where she appeared with a couple of looks and with her sister Charli. The snippets engage with a huge number of fans and get an amazing response from worldwide fans. Here is the TikTok video where both the singers did lip-synching on the song.

There are lots of songs but the recent song F**boy has been released and the success of the songs can be measured easily after watching its views which is over 12 million times on Spotify. Even she has many more professional collaborations besides this song.

The one of collaborations is Liam Payne that was appeared in the year 2020 and the song title is Naughty. This song achieved marvelous heights of success. While another collaboration was done for the song One Whole Day with Wiz Khalifa.

If we talk about the launch of this song then we want to tell you that you can enjoy this song on Spotify. It is the official platform where the song will be released officially. The song will be aired on July 23. So keep your eye on the news to get every update. Although you can share your feedback for this song here below this article.


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