The TikTok video of a Man insulting Pastor Joel Osteen went viral on the internet. Many people became crazy to know about the actual incident and what is the complete news of this matter. The video has been shared on the platform and later after a few moments, it reaches the growth in views.

man insults joel osteen

Now it has more than 6 million views. The most important thing behind this video is the reaction of Houston Paston’s reaction to the man’s remark.

Man Insults Pastor Joel Osteen To His Face In Shocking Viral Video

The video has been shared on December 6, 2021 (Monday). The video has been viral on the video-sharing social media platform TikTok. As per the details, the title of this video is ‘nickandsoph’. It sees the user posing with the wealthy pastor for a video but ends up calling him a “Piece of S***” unexpectedly. Now, let’s move to the other part of this article and we want to tell you briefly about it.

After the viral video, the man has been fired from his job. Yes, it is shocking but true. On December 7 (Tuesday) the person has been fired from his job. “Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the support on the video,” the user said. “With all that attention, I got fired this morning,” he continued, “so if anyone wants to buy me that beer, now would be a great time”.

Many more people looking for the wiki biography of the man but unfortunately his personal information is not available right now. We are looking for the details including his age, wife and family and many more. Now he is like one of the TikTok stars. You will see that he will rise in its popularity in the upcoming days.

When people on social media starts knowing that he has been fired from the Job there were many came on his post and commented. Some people commented that God will open new doors for you, our wishes with you. above is a post in which you can see one more surprising thing. The incident is shocking and so much surprising for all the people. For more information, you will get many more updates soon.


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