TikTok is mainly known for sharing some amazing videos which are made by users of the platforms. There are millions of videos circulating on the TikTok app. Every single user has made more than 10 videos and more since the platform was launched on the Internet. Now, it’s a time of another trend that is circulating on the Internet which is called Recap Trend.


As we know that this is starting of a new year and every user is excited to share their amazing videos. Here, another trend has made its space and netizens are just continuously talking about this.

Now, 2021 is about to end and users on TikTok have been sharing their recap reels. Many other users are also searching for new ideas to create some new videos on their accounts. So, if you are one of them who wants to create something new and portray your beautiful memories of 2021, so they can easily make their recap video by doing this. Here is everything to know about this trend and readers can also make their own recap videos.

How To Make The 2021 Recap Reel on TikTok?

So, if you are excited to make your first ever recap reel on the platform to remember your 2021 year so, you need some editing skills to edit your videos and join them in a single frame. Along with this, the digital material required to make the video is a video editor, a collection of your videos, an audio file, and a collection of pictures.

Well, the first thing to download in your smartphone is a video editing application. Here are some popular and used apps for video editing such as Power Director, KineMaster, Inshot, and Quik. You may choose any video app to create videos.

After installing the application on your device, open it and import all the pictures and videos you wish to add to your videos. After importing the videos, and pictures, adjust them in sequence and add the audio of your choice. Many users are using the track of Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars and Easy on Me by Adele.

Once the video get ready as your choice, your reel is all ready to be exported to your gallery and you can post it on TikTok and Instagram as well.

Share Recap Reels On Instagram 

Since the trend has gone viral, many recap videos can be seen easily on Instagram and TikTok. Many people are sharing their traveling, outing, dinner dates, datings, weddings, adventures, birthdays. and many more moments on their 2021. It is amazing to watch their loving moments of life.

So, if you are also excited to share this amazing trend on Instagram and creating some amazing videos, you can use any video editing application to create and share the video on the TikTok and Instagram.


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