This year, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has to improve the excitement for the sport’s fans across the world because many people love to watch their favorite player in the world of sports games. Yes, the Olympics are going on where most of the countries are introducing their powerful and talented players. Well, some people are inspired by the games and some are hoping to become like them in the future. To become like them takes lots of hard work and courage to become like them. Now, some new records have been set in the world as India is winning lots of medals because our strongest and powerful sports players have reached theirs. Recently, Indian weightlifter Mirabai Chanu won silver medal for India.

TikTok Girl Video Went Viral, Wants to become like Mirabai Chanu Weightlifter Tokyo Olympics 2020

Currently, many players are winning medals for India first time and our generation is also inspiring by them on the biggest sporting stage of the world. But not only players and elders are inspired by them even many people like to watch these matches by sitting inside their home and watching all the matches of Olympics. There are lots of people on the Internet who have shown their interest in the Olympics game. Well, there are many supporters at home who have been watching these amazing matches.

After the victory of Mirabai Chanu, a video is going viral on the Internet where an adorable video of a young girl child is watching the Mirabai Chanu’s match on TV. She is sitting with her father and a tiny girl is watching the weightlifting match of a women event.

The viral video was posted by a TikTok user @coffeencrusts and within a few hours, the video went viral over the Internet and was viewed by more than two million viewers across the world. In a video, a little girl said,” The woman is too strong” while watching the TV with her father.

Many more words were said by her and later she said that I want to become like her because she is strong and Strong hand… I wish I had strong hands. The little girl is capturing the attention of lots of people on the Internet as the TikTok app is banned in India and Indian users can’t watch this on the app but the video is getting viral on the Internet.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics games are highly awaited games in the world and every country likes to support their players. While, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the audience is not allowed in the stadium.


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