Recently, an incident happened in Pennsylvania where a family warned parents about a dangerous TikTok challenge. Later, the family confirmed that they lost their 10-year-old daughter attempting to hold her breath until she passed away. The name of the girl was Nyla Anderson who was 10 years old when she passed away.

tiktok blackout challenge

She was in her bedroom when she attempt the TikTok challenge “Blackout Challenge”. Her family is very upset to know about this tragic incident that happened to her. After attempting the challenge, the minor was found dead in her bedroom at her family home in Chester, Pennsylvania, and could not be revived.

TikTok Blackout Challenge

The Blackout Challenge has invited significant scrutiny by schools and the authority, but Nyla’s mother absolutely assumes that parents have to do more when it arrives at their children. Days after the tragic death of her daughter, Tawainna Anderson sat down with ABC7 to provide some insight on parenthood in the TikTok era.

The Blackout challenge, which motivates participants to hold their breath until they pass out, is not new but has been given a prominent push by TikTok. Nayla was one of the numerous kids who tried to dare after seeing it on stage, something that appears out of character.

The tweet was expressed as “entertaining and shining”, and even three languages ​​were spoken. She attended Chester Community Charter School in the city of Pennsylvania. Defining her daughter as a “butterfly”, Tawainna said, “I am very hurt. It is a pain that will not go away. It is on the top of my throat.

I am very hurt.” But taking that pain additionally, the bereaved mother asked other parents to engage in open discussion with their children about social media.

She warned, “Make sure you check your kids’ phones. You never know what you might find on their phones. You don’t think 10-year-olds will try it. They keep trying because they’re kids and they Don’t know better”.

Now, the parents are continuously trying to aware all the people regarding this worst challenge. They are constantly seeking to stop this waste challenge that causes many lives of the people who try to complete the challenge and got harmed or lost their lives by attempting this worsened challenge on TikTok.


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