Social media is the biggest platform in the world to share any kind of video with everyone in just a few seconds. Since the platform has been created for all, millions of controversies are coming out about anyone. We have been also noticing that some videos are going viral among netizens and today again, one more video is going viral among fans because they are going curious to watch these videos on social media.

Tiara 9 detik Anak Epep Tiktok Viral Video

Well, we are talking about a Tik Tok star whose name is Tiara. She is also known and popular as Tiara FF (FF stands for Free Fire) who have gained massive popularity by sharing her gaming videos on social media.

Tiara 9 detik Anak Epep Tiktok Viral Video

Now, the popular gamer or content creator has gone viral on social media because of her 9 seconds leaked video. Yes, the creator’s video has gone viral on social media and fans are going crazy to watch this video.

It will be amazing for all of the netizens if they get the video but unfortunately, the video has been removed from all the social media account, and now, it is just available on a few websites. Since the video went viral, it has been searched by millions of viewers across the world, but now, the video has been removed.

Well, it is reported that the video of a duration of 9-seconds went viral on the Tik Tok platform among the Free Fire game players around the world. In the video, the main actor is Tiara FF who can be easily seen by the watchers.

Tiara FF Di TikTok Full Video Goes Viral on Social Media

When the video was seen for the first time, since then, it was continuously watched by millions of netizens on social media. Along with this, the Tik Tok star Tiara also raised her voice against this video by clarifying that she is not in the video.

She uploaded a clarification video on Tiara FF’s Tik Tok account and stated that she was not in the video. Tiara FF added that there are lots of irresponsible actors who shared this kind of video to bring others down. “A 9-second video, everyone wants to where I got it from? I received it from the Telegram app. The users of Telegram know that it is very long video” Tiara FF said in her clarification video which was uploaded on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

Tiara also said that her friends know that the video is circulating on the Internet was not hers. These kinds of scams are on their hype since the new stars are raising on social media and they have been becoming a part of these controversies. It is our humble request to all that don’t share these kinds of videos on social media which can spoil someone’s image or life as well.


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