Debunked: Is Thomas Partey Arrested in London rape case? : On 4 July 2022, one of the football players from North London was arrested by the police for allegedly raping a woman of the age in her 20s, but the police have not revealed the identity of the player as it is a legal matter, and the football player is one of the most famous players of Great Britain. Contradicting the fact that the police have not shared anything about the culprit a lot of netizens on social media started to speak the name of Thomas Partey. However, the football player Thomas Partey is a resident of North London, but it is not known in the media where he lives in North London. Follow More Updates On

Thomas Partey arrested

Is Thomas Partey Arrested?

Thomas Partey is a professional footballer, who plays in Premier League, Arsenal, and the Ghana National team as a midfielder. He was born on 13 June 1993 in Krobo Odumase. Thomas Partey is currently playing for Arsenal with his number five. He has been playing the game of Football since 2011 with more than 8 teams. Recently, Thomas Partey was blamed by some netizens for being the culprit in raping a woman, but he confirmed the speculations were wrong, and currently, he is in Germany.

After the news of the anonymous football player got viral on the internet, all the netizens started to speculate a lot of stories and the names of the different football players with the same identifications as the anonymous player. However, the investigation authority has not shared anything about the culprit yet.

Thomas Partey Arrested in London rape case

According to the police statement, the name and the exact age of the culprit are not being released in the media because of some legal practices, and when these practices will be completed the name and the age of the culprit football player will be revealed to the media. The police have only told the media that one of the most famous football players was arrested on the 4th of June on the charges of making physical contact with a woman without her consent. According to the police, the anonymous football player raped the woman in the month of June 2022.

Some social media users have put on their social media platforms, that the culprit could also be Granit Xhaka as his age and the anonymous football player’s age is matching with each other. Even Granit Xhaka also lives in North London, but it is not confirmed where this person is living currently. However, all the information about the culprit football player will be cleared only after the investigation.

There is a very shocking piece of news that we have received recently from the world of football. It has shocked many football fans around the world. The incident had taken place last month. The football player that was involved in the controversial news is a renowned player from the International Premier League. He was arrested in North London on the suspicion of an s3xual assault.

The footballer is said to be in his 20s and has been taken in by the police for questioning on the incident that had supposedly taken place last month. Scotland Yard has also confirmed the arrest of the player and they also stated that the player is currently in the custody of the organization.

The name of the player is yet unknown to us and remains a mystery at the moment, however from what we have heard the player is a major one. There was also a statement that the club of the player is aware of the investigation and is aware of whatever details that are not yet released to the major public.

The football player was accused of the crime and was reported on the 4th of July to the police. The woman who is allegedly abused by the players is said to be a woman around 20 years of age.

The police have said that the player is being kept in Barret on the accusation of s3xual abuse and will remain in their custody until the investigation is completed. The inquiry is still ongoing and there have not been any major developments reported.

This news has come at a really bad time for the club that the player was in. As it is the season where the teams usually prepare themselves and grind for the league for the new season of the English Football league that will start on 5 August.

There are various sources that have said that the player is very known in the world of football and was even a member of the upcoming World Cup squad for the team Qatar.

We can’t say anything for certain and where the case can lead. It can be true that the allegation is entirely false which can end up saving the career of the player. However, the other case can be fatal for the player and it will definitely ruin his football career and may just ruin his life as well.

We will update you if we get any further information from the official sources.


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