Was Thomas Partey Arrested? London rape case? Arsenal Players in Germany: Shocking and stunning news surfaced on the internet on Monday and reported an internationally renowned and acclaimed footballer was arrested. Since this news broke out it is going viral with every second passing and making everyone curious and leading them to search for it. If you are also one of them and searching for the arrest news of a Premier League footballer then this article will help you a lot and we assure you to only provide conformed and authentic information available right now related to this happening. You might be searching for who is the footballer who got arrested on Monday and what are the charges against the internationally renowned footballer. However, the mass of the readers is currently seeking the identity of the arrested footballer. You are advised to keep reading it and must take a glance at the below-placed particulars of this column. Scroll down the page. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Thomas Partey arrested

Was Thomas Partey Arrested?

At first, this news was posted and shared by The Telegraph. The Telegraph is an English news agency and the internationally renowned footballer was also arrested in North London. This is the reason The Telegraph reported this news at first but now it has become breaking news across the world. The cliche in this news is the arrested footballer was all set to take part in the World Cup squad of his country’s team in the forthcoming Qatar World Cup 2022. Drag down the page for more details.

Reportedly, the internationally renowned footballer got detained in North London on Monday 4th July 2022 in Barnet. What are the charges against him? According to the report, the Metropolitan police confirmed the charges against the Premier League footballer. As per the report shared by the Metropolitan police, the unidentified footballer is facing serious allegations of raping a woman in her 20s. What are the identities of the Premier League footballer and woman involved in the rape case? Let’s find out this in the next section.

Was Thomas Partey Arrested in London rape case

No information is available regarding the names of the parties in the rape case. We are not informed about the identity of the arrested footballer and woman as the respective authority has put constraints on it and kept the names of both parties secret. As the investigation is in the process right now, the authorities have decided to keep their names of them private until the conclusion comes up. Thomas Partey Arrested?

The football community is rocked by another incident, this time a popular Premier League footballer got arrested on the suspicion of rape. Meanwhile, fans and people who love to watch football have been curious and outraged as the football world cup is about to take place in a few days and a top-rated football star has been taken into custody. Since people have listened to this news they have lost their mental peace and started taking over the internet to find out who is the footballer and what is his identity. Meanwhile, we have also done a deep study on it and gathered some imperative points related to the arrest news of a Premier League footballer. Stick to this page till you don’t get it to the end and fetch all the information available on this page. Is Harry Kane Arrested In Barnet London?

Who Is Premier League Player Arrested?

It has not been a long period since people witnessed an arrest months ago when police took Mason Greenwood of Manchester United into custody for being accused of raping a woman. And now we have been informed once again with a similar kind of news. As per The Telegraph, the superstar of the football community got arrested on Monday 4th July 2022. Moreover, the Premier League footballer got arrested in North London. Who is the Premier League footballer and what is his name? Let’s try to figure out this. Who Is Premier League Player Arrested?

According to the report shared by The Telegraph, a British news company, the Premier League footballer was detained in Barnet on suspicion of rape. Meanwhile, the footballer is said to be a young person whose age is in his late 20s. While a report has made it clear that the arrested footballer is of 29 years. Following the arrest of an unnamed footballer, the Metropolitan Police Department also released a statement to clear all the speculation regarding the arrest of the footballer.

EPL Player Barnet Arsenal Arrested

We are unable to find the name of the arrested Premier League footballer as the police have not revealed the identity of the sportsman as it is a matter of his reputation and high-profile image. Furthermore, the legal constraints are also keeping the identity of the woman who pulled the Premier League footballer into police custody. As per the source, the woman involved in this case was allegedly rapped by the footballer last month. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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