The latest serial of Colors TV, Thoda Sa Badal, Thoda Sa Paani have become quite popular among watchers in the last few days. It was premiered on August 23 and since then, the serial is entertaining many watchers and now, it will be the 8th episode of September 2 and we are going to share some updates of the upcoming episode where we will tell you that what will happen in the next episode of the serial.


Well, ColorsTV has lots of shows to entertain our audience, and this year, the channel has come back with another show. Maybe, the show is quietly making its space among watchers and receiving a good response from all the watchers. So, let’s move about the upcoming episode and share the latest updates.

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The serial starring with a popular actress Ishita Dutta and today’s episode will start where Kajol has ready to marry Arjun who is a rich corporate professional. But the twist has come in her life to stop and focus on her family. Everything changes in her life and she becomes the only one who earns in her home to handle everything.

Will she gets successful in her mission? and achieve whatever she wants for her family? Her emotional story will make you upset but you will get to see the courage of a lady who can handle everything alone for her entire house and carry all the responsibility on her shoulders.

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In the latest episode, we will see that Arujun says let elders handle the matter of car and Shreya taunts Kajol for not being present in the home. Shreya asks to call her. She comes and greets her. Shreya says that if she went to a tailor so, where is her blouse? Kajol tells that she went to meet someone as she had some work.

Shreya says that you went temple and asks that what did you wish? Kajol says that let stays between Devotee and God. On the other side, Mukherjee took a loan of 50 lakhs. Rajesh advises him to don’t take from Uttam because everyone are goona around him.

On the other side, Shreya instigates to the mother of Arjun that even Kajol was not present at the time of her own haldi rasam. Guruji tensed because he saw the death of Mukherjee babu and asks Kajol to take care of her family and her father as well. Shreya told that Kajol lied to her family that she went to a tailor, she met someone else.

However, Bolti defends Kajol and insults Shreya. Shreya says that she always takes a side of Kajol because she loves Kajol’s brother. Bolti reveals that they are just friends because we study in the same college.

Everyone shouts at Bolti and asks her not to increase her relationship with Kajol’s family. While Shreya got angry again when she gets to know that Arjuna and Shreya went out to meet each other. The Episode Ends.


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