A team of researchers has introduced an app names RELAXaHEAD, which is believed to help people manage their headache from Migraine. Researchers from the New York University School of Medicine in the US said that people who are suffering from Migraine and used this app are recorded to have four fewer strokes in a month. This App leads the patient to regulate their muscles and guide them for progressive muscle therapy.

Under this therapy, a patient tends to relax and expand several muscles to reduce the level of stress in the body. A study was conducted for the first time to evaluate the result of this app that whether it really helps in reducing the headache. The clinical effectiveness of this app was calculated to show the results.

Mia Minen, an assistant professor at the University School of Medicine in the US said “Our study offers evidence that patients may pursue behavioral therapy if it is easily accessible, they can do it on their own time, and it is affordable. Clinicians need to rethink their treatment approach to migraine because of many of the accepted therapies, although proven to be the current, best course of treatment, aren’t working for all lifestyles.”

The initial symptoms of Migraine include severe headache usually on one side of the head. It is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting or extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Marine said that generally people are advised to undergo medical treatment or therapies to deal with Migraine, but most of the people avoid this due to high costs, instead, they only take medicines to cop up with the same.

To conduct the study, the researchers included 51 Migraine patients who owned a smartphone. These patients were asked to use the app for 90 days and also keep a record of the frequency of headaches.  The frequency of usage PMR is recorded by the app itself.

However, people dropped using the app for long after some time. Therefore, the team is working to bring out the best possible ways to utilize the app.





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