‘The White Lotus’ Season 1 episode 2 is going to be premierd on HBO and HBO Max. The episodes will be available on the same day and viewers can watch the episode with a subscription to OTT platform Crave on the same day as it will air in the US. If you have an HBO add-on, you can watch them on Amazon Prime. The creator of this comedy TV series is Mike White.

The White Lotus Episode 3 Spoilers

The story of this series is about a group of vacations and the staffers that attend them at the eponymous hotel  in Hawaii. It determined stairs on dignity and privilege, the show is depicting the pettiness and hypocrisy of its characters. The second episode of this series starts with Almond and Shane who argue about a letter and couldn’t let it go.

His relationship with Rachel is also suffering and things getting worse day by day. Upset Rachel also asks for advice from Nicole. Nicole finds out that Rachel has written an article and everything was smooth until he found that letter. Mark’s doctor tells him that he doesn’t have a career in this field. He also tried to form a relationship with Quinn. Olivis and Paula lost their pack of drugs and went to Armond’s office.

Tania talks to Belinda and she was willing to sponsor that latter ever decides to set up a massage parlour. Mark learns about his uncle that his father died of AIDS and not cancer as he previously thought. Armind consumed a pill from the pack. The 3rf episode is set to release on 25th July, 2021 at 9 pm EST on HBO. In the third episode, title ‘Mysterious Monkeys’ Nicole and Mark decide to take away all the electronic gadgets from Quinn.

They were planning to have fun during their vacations. Mark has already decided to learn scuba lessons, and the latter might not have any choice but to join them. The white lotus manager helps Shane to arrange a romantic dinner for his wife. Rachel is continued to struggle with her mediocrity and tried to embrace her current circumstances. Belinda also thinks that Tanya will get set up in her massage parlor. She will likely help Tanya with the decision on how to immerse her mother’s ashes. To know more about this article stay connected to.


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