Juno Mission which was launched by NASA, in which NASA had sent its spacecraft to Jupiter. The shuttle flew over the Jupiter planet famous Red Spot recently. The Red Spot is said to be a giant storm which is happening for hundreds of years. NASA has collected the data from Juno Mission and made a visual simulation of this journey.

jupiter. juno spacecraft, NASA

NASA spacecraft Juno is revolving around Jupiter since the year 2016. The primary objective of the mission is to learn about the origin of the planet and its hidden properties like a gravitational field, depth of atmospheric jets and its composition beneath the clouds.

The Juno’s gravitational measurement has given us the information that the outer layer extends to a depth of about 3000 Km. According to lead author and Juno scientist Tristan Guillot said that the long mystery is now solved. Since 40 years we didn’t know whether the bands will be going till center or till skin depth. This data helps us to understand that the bottom is 3,000 Km and it is 1 percent of the mass of the planet. He added by saying that “this is all important for understanding atmospheric dynamics, not just on Jupiter but also on other planets.”

The other significant discovery is about the massive cyclone that was happening in the Jupiter for hundreds of years. This cyclone spins on Jupiter’s north and the South Pole. There are about nine cyclones spotted on the North Pole whereas about six twisters were located on the South Pole. The speed of the winds of the hurricane is said to be 350 Km/hr.

This recent discovery by Juno has put light on some mysteries since ages, but there are some more mysteries which remain unsolved. The Juno mission is expected to solve these mysteries too shortly and provide us with more breathtaking information.



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