The traditional rule of managing diabetes has been replaced by the new guideline thus; many controversies are raised within the medical sector. Former norms were run over in place over decades which were replaced now.  

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As per Medico, in India, the rules which are recommended for relaxing the blood sugar targets lead to serious medical complications in diabetics, and also it created confusion in the treatment protocol. Therefore the medical community is suggesting that these rules should be removed for Indians.  According to International Diabetes Federation, there were 72 million cases of diabetes in the year of 2017. The disagreement norms are related to relaxing the long-term target, Haemoglobin A1c (Hb1AC), which through a blood test, gives a person’s glucose level average in recent months.      

In general, if a person’s Hb 1Ac reports 6.5%, then it indicates diabetes. The organization of internal medicine physician and American colleges of physicians have recommended recently in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine that a patient’s HbA1c level should be between 7% and 8%  in type 2 diabetes. And to do so, clinicians must look into the matter. But this recommendation is leading to a conflict among the Indian doctors and physicians, as the traditional rule of Hb1 between Ac 6.5 to 7% has been followed for many years.

According to Indian medico and physician, the new norms of lowering the blood sugar cannot be binding so it must be removed. In India diabetes is an aggressive disease and these new guidelines lead to more complication for the patient. As per the doctors here, India has its recommendation as advised by three bodies: RSDDI (Research Society For The Study of Diabetes, API (Association of Physicians of India), ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). All of these systems are fit for the Indian diabetic patients. Thus, the new recommendations of American College of physician and another International college of medicine should not be applicable here in India.   



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