Princess Diaries is one of the popular American comings of age comedy movies and the movie has millions of fans since the first part of the movie was released in 2001 and after that, the makers also released the second part of the movie for all the watchers. Both parts got huge fame from across the world and now, everyone is excited to watch the next 3rd part of the movie.

princess diaries 3 release date

Now, the fans are excited for the franchise for the third installment for a very long time. But now, the wait is getting over and that’s are leaving some disappointment among watchers. Many fans have lost their hope for the next third installment. Now, we got some amazing updates regarding to the upcoming installment of Princess Diaries 3.

The Princess Diaries 3: Release Date

The first franchise of the movie was released in 2001 after which the second installment was released in 2004 and both installments received amazing responses from the fans. Both installments were the biggest blockbusters and captured the attention of millions of watchers.

In the two installments, the movie gathered a huge fan following and since 2004, the fans have been waiting for the next third installments. Some rumors were seen in 2015 regarding the third installment but till 2021, no one cleared confirmed the updates of the movie. It left us with many confusions.

But now, we have got some amazing updates regarding the third installment and it will definitely change your mood for Princess Diaries 3 and clear all your doubts and problems. Here are the details of the movie and every update.

Princess Diaries 3: Release Date & Updates

So, the third installment of Princess Diaries will release or not? This is leaving us with lots of confusion. We like to clear everything about the next installment. The third season is still pending for the watchers and many fans have been waiting for the next one.

But still, there are no updates regarding to the next installment. But here is some great piece of news for you that the lead actress of the movie, Julie Andrews said in an Interview that she like to work again with Anne Hathway in the third installment.

She said that I don’t know that it is the right time to say but she is growing old but she like to work again with the co-cast of the movie, Anne Hathway. It can clear that the installment is going to appear soon and the makers will again create the next installment for the fans. As we can say so, the fans can expect the next installment between 2024 to 2025.

If the next installment will release so, there are some expectations that Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway will be seen again as Clarisse Renaldi and Mia Thermopolis while actor Hector Elizondo as Joe, Heather Matarazzo as Lilly Moscovitz, Mandy Moore as Lana Thomas, Caroline Goodall, Robert Schwartzman, Erik Von Detten, Patrick Flueger, Sean O’ Bryan, Sandra Oh, and Kathleen Marshall will be seen again in the movie with their previous characters.


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