The latest episode of the most drama, crime, revenge, and thrilling South Korean television series, The Penthouse: War in Life has been released last day, August 20, 2021, on the official broadcasting platform. Since the third season of the series has started, many fans have shown their love for the season and even.

The Penthouse Season 3 Episode 11

The previous two seasons have also made their space among the fan’s hearts and it will be interesting to watch the next more episodes but before that, we are going to talk about the last episode. The last episode was amazing and many things have been seen in the 11th episode of the 3rd season.

The latest episode was started when Dan-Tae is behind the bars and get face to face with Seok-Kyung (Daughter). She taunts him and said that she brought everything from the past which was sacrificed for her. She walks away by saying her last Goodbye and Dan-Tae falls down on his knees and requests for help. Seok-Kyung calls him pathetic and leaves him.

The Penthouse Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date

During this, Ms. Jin is also begging Logan, and however, she needs the help of psychiatric and she is being warned off from meeting and seeing Eun-Byeol in her entire life again. The absence doesn’t stop Eun-Byeol from drinking with pills. As they both drink, the celebration interrupts with a Cheong-A constructions call.

Alex is going to buy this but with the issues of Dan-Tae, his plans face a black cloud all over it. In the deal of Seo-Jin, there is no criminal activity involved. She tries to buy but she knows that Ro-Na is a clever guy. She calls all the reports so, she can incriminate Seo-Jin in front of everyone. While she plays a video of dashcam where Seo-Jin can be seen pushing the car.

At that moment, Eun-Byeol stops after seeing reporters and remembered that what was happened in the past. He gave pills in the drink of Seo-Jin so, she couldn’t remember anything. Before that happens, Alex calls and cancels all the contracts with Seo-Jin and says that the crime will create a violation on what they agree on before.

When Seo-Jin finishes her calls, Ma-Ri holds her hand and injected something. When she gets up, she founds herself on the bed and Su-Ryeon shows her that they were at the same place. Kyu-Jin and Sang-A are involved in this and they are both arrested by police. Many more things have done in the last episode and if you will watch it so, can easily understand everything.

The Penthouse Season 3 Episode 11: Review

So, what are you thinking about the last episode? Is Seo-Jin could survive in this? If she will so, she will have to face many things. However, there is a way to play the loan that will get after her mother died from Eun-Byeol. In this episode, our watchers get to see some retribution for Seo-Jin and Dan-Tae. Also, we have seen them before the ending of the second season.

Well, it seems that Yoon-Hee is well but in reality, he is dead but some rumors are claiming that he is alive. Now, only three episodes are left for the ending of the season. So, let’s wait for the next episode that will be released soon.


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