If you have been following Mightytips for information and tips you may be aware of the developments in the Canadian gambling scene. There has been a raging debate on betting in Canada, the country has recently legalized single sports betting among other aspects of gambling. This move has left many confused, wondering whether online gambling Canada has been legal and whether those who have been placing bids with various international betting sites have been committing a crime.

The question of the legality of online gambling Canada is a complex one; you cannot get a straight answer as it depends on a number of factors. Kate Richardson, an online kabaddi betting expert at Mightytips has explored this issue at length and she posits that online betting in Canada is legal but only when using the provincial sports lottery. Online gambling using international bookmakers remains largely unregulated but not necessarily illegal.

With the introduction of new gambling regulations in Canada, what is set to change? Let's explore 

Many bookmakers are catering to the Canadian markets where they accept the Canadian currency. What may land punters in Canada into problems with the law is the use of unlicensed betting sites, especially the type who is into some shady deals.

Increase in number of bookmakers

With the legalization of single sports betting in Canada it is expected that betting will move to a higher level. There may be an influx of more bookmakers into the Canadian gambling market; a move that Kate Richardson says will be beneficial to both the authorities and the betting fraternity.

Kate Richardson has explored betting sites, in Canada and other parts of the world; she has been providing Mightytips users with valuable information that can allow them to make informed decisions. She believes that punters in Canada will have a wide range of choices when it comes to their wagering activities. For more information on Kate Richardson and the tips, she offers to the users, visit our site. Her sentiments are shared by other betting analysts who posit that government will be able to collect considerable revenue while the Canadian punters have more bookmakers to choose from.

With the introduction of new gambling regulations in Canada, what is set to change? Let's explore 

Through their wide range of choices, the local punters can enjoy the several features which are offered in the markets. These benefits include the best online gambling odds, handsome bonuses, and promotions among other perks.

Until now, online gambling in Canada was a preserve of a few players, mostly the provincial government platforms and international bookmakers. While some analysts are cautious to point out the benefits that will be derived from these changes, some are hailing the regulation of the market as a timely move. They point out the good lessons which can be learned from other markets which have also entered into regulating the betting markets in the recent past. Markets like the United States, Great Britain, and Spain have seen similar regulations, and observers say that players in the industry are reaping benefits already.

Increased revenues

Analysts had pointed out that with only about two percent of the adult Canadian participating in occasional gambling, the number is set to rise. Given that majority of the punters in the country were using international bookmakers meant that the authorities in Canada lost out on revenue that the activity generated. Now that the market is regulated, it is expected that government will raise more funds from the taxation, and at the same time, the legalization of single-game betting may spur economic development in the country.

With new measures to regulate betting in Canada, it means that crash gambling players can now engage in their favorite wagering activities. Crash gambling though not explicitly was one of the activities that punters in Canada were engaging in without the full backing of the law. For those who would like to participate in crash gambling, several international bookmakers offer it. Players make a wager on an increasing multiplier where it grows up to the time it randomly crashes. Some of the top crash gambling sites include:

  • Crypto Play
  • Stake
  • BC Game
  • Trust Dice
  • Roobet
  • Bet, among others.

Gambling addiction

One concern that many hopes will be solved by the regulations which have been put in place is gambling addiction. While gambling s meant to be entertainment, several players have taken it to be a way of earning. Among these punters, some have run into financial and mental health problems owing to their gambling addiction.

Authorities seem keen to address the problem, where the regulations also contain parts that are meant to limit the number of deposits that players can put into their bookmakers’ accounts. Limiting the wagering amount is beneficial to the players as they cannot bet excessively. Regulation will go a long way in creating a safe environment for all the players in the industry. However, there must be cooperation among the parties in the industry for the positive effect to be seen.

The future of online gambling in Canada is bright, new laws promise to change the scene by allowing more bookies. In return, this will give the players more options and at the same time benefit the government by creating more revenue streams.


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