As per notice one of Nike’s latest cushioning platforms shoes has now been purchased by Nike’s lover and many peoples for the running categories. It’s been an amazing technology which is brought by Nike’s brand. According to the majority of the reviews, the shoe runs true to size and the fit is superb and most reviews noted that the foam-based cushioning is very flexible to climb a mountain basically this is made for trackers and also the travelers. Several buyers said that this model fits as expected, one even mentioned that he got a pair of Nike foam-based cushioning is the first time he bought shoes online without trying them on first and he got very satisfied from this product.

According to Nike’s brand when users start to run then cushion support to deliver specific spots needed during a run and this kind of shoes doesn’t make noise to run its also the good feature of it.

this looks very good for Gym, Exercise, and regular ways basically this shoe gives more comfortability while the user goes everywhere. especially this is made for tracking for the mountain and the Nike popular foam-based cushioning is hit the market on November there is no pricing information available right now, it may be around just 30000 in INR and 418.70 in USD. Usually, this shoe made from rubber, cushion, and another material is described here Though the human foot is adapted to varied terrain and climate conditions, it is still vulnerable to environmental hazards such as sharp rocks and temperature extremes. If anyone wants to buy the shoe, I would like to suggest to buy this kind of shoe because we know that it very expensive for us but still this will gave batter to better satisfaction to the consumers


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