Kissing Booth has surely mesmerized it’s audience when it hit Netflix back in 2018. The story of two brothers and a girl was all about fun, love, romance, jealousy and most importantly the connection which it made with watchers. The teen drama which instantly became everyone’s favourite is all jacked up for it’s next installment, The Kissing Booth 2.

Kissing Booth one shows, Elle and Lee are friends since childhood, they create rules to maintain their friendship forever, with one being, avoid falling in love with each other’s relatives primarily, Lee’s brother Noah. But eventually Elle and Noah fall for each other. In the meantime, Noah gets selected to research at Harvard University. And, on Elle and Lee’s birthday, Elle confesses her love for Noah to Lee.

The Kissing Booth 2

Where the latter relents, and agrees to help find Noah, who left for the airport to leave for college. Later it is shown that it was Noah in Lee’s costume. They finally get united and spend some time with each other before Noah leaves for Harvard, Elle seems to become confused about the relation between her and Noah will continue or Not.

The shooting of this next movie began in June 2019 and ended in October 2019. Considering that, we can expect the film to be released around May 2020, as the first one was rolled out on 11th May 2018. If this proves true, we may get to watch the film, exactly after 2 years of wait. Although, there is no official confirmation of date and time by the makers.

Talking about the plot of Kissing Booth 2, one thing is firm that in the upcoming one, we will witness a long distance relationship of Noah and Elle plus some struggles also and also enjoyment and the pain of some twists, long-distance connections and how they are going to struggle their way to trust each other when space separates them and stay in love.

The casting of Joey King as Elle Evans and Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn has been confirmed. Besides these characters, we could expect to watch faces that are new. Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Taylor Perez will join the cast. Taylor Perez would play as Marco. Maisie would choose the role of Cloe, who’s predicted to be Noah’s Havard classmate. Will the love endure? Wait for it, until the film releases.


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