The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) Written Update 4th June 2022: The Kapil Sharma Show is entertaining their fans this week as this is the last episode, This time team of Jug Jug is now the special guest of this show in which Varun Dhawan, Neetu Kapoor,  Kiara Advani, Maniesh Paul & the most popular Anil Kapoor. In the promo of today’s episode, Krishna & Kiku taunts Manish Paul, as he now working on this big project he once worked on with us. Kapil makes fun of Manish that how unlucky he is, as he is playing the role of Kiara’s Brother. Then Kamal Hussin joins them on stage and increases the honor of their show, as he had played the best role in Chachi 420.

The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) Full Episode Written Update 4th June 2022 Grand Finale Episode & Special Guests

Kapil also asks about his experience of wearing a saree from Kamal Hussain. Kamal then replies and tells the experience of him playing the Chachi character in the Chachi 420 movie, He tells that all the men get speechless when they see his saree falling down. He also tells how difficult is to carry a saree. After that Kiku comes with a balm for Arjun and makes fun of one of the film’s dialogues “Pushpa Jhukega Nahi”, then he says that he has pain in his back that’s why he can’t bend. The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) Written Update 4th June 2022:

TKSS Today Final Episode Written Update Special Guest

Kapil asks everyone that it’s said that men changed after marriage, Anil says that it’s true, and Kapil says that is it because of their wife. In, the promo Kapil tells us that Kiara recently came on our show for promoting her Bhul Bhlaiya movie, Now she is again here for Jug Jug, and says maybe she now likes me and wants to meet me again and again. Kiara admits that she wants to meet him and loves to come on this show, but sadly this is the last episode of this season.

Nitu Kapoor mam comes on the show with Anil Kapoor, Kapil taunts Anil Kapoor and says in today’s entry he danced with you but when he previous come on this show and did entry with Sahil Sir, he just came normal and was tempting to leave soon as he had to go for a film shoot.

Nita tells, thatAnil always comes and asks her, how he is looking, she has to say he is looking awesome even though he is not looking good, and Anil laughs. The grand finale episode is filled with a lot of laughs if you want to see this episode you can watch it on the official website of Sony Live.

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