“The Kapil Sharma Show” one of a popular show which airs on the Sony channel. So be ready for one other interesting and for laughing. In the last episode, Kapil and the team celebrate the 25 anniversary of the sonyTV. In the upcoming episode of the serial, the two great actresses come as a guest and join the show. The two popular beautiful actoress is Poonam Dhillo and Padmini Kolhapuri.

The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS): 10th October 2020 Episode Padmini Kolhapuri  and Poonam Dhillon Will Grace The Set

They both are best friends in her real life and they attend many shows together. However, any pictures do not show them together. They both are the 70s and 80s movie actress who give so many hits movie in the Hindi cinemas. The show begins with the Kapil joke and they both have smiles mon their face and Kapil audience welcome them. She is still looking so gorgeous. Both celebrities share their stories with the audience and Kapil.

Padmini has a huge fan following, she gives lots of hits movie since 1982 a romantic movie release name of the movie is “Prem Rog” in which Rishi Kapoor also play as a lead role. Where Poonam Dhillo was a Ms. India in 1977. She also gives give a hit movie “Noori” in 1979  in which she got popularity in the industry.

Ms. India shares her real story about her close friend Ashok Dhakriye, how she helps him to give him the shadow in her house and helps him as a good friend. They both are still together and after this incident, they become good friends. Padmini still spends her happy married life with her husband. Both actresses take a little break with their business and they give debut for the TV serial in which they both are together.

They both start sharing a funny experience like Padmini shares that whenever my friend asks me what’s up? And share she is doing the domestic work at that time. On this big occasion apart from the lots of gossips, other artists come one by one and the team will entertain them. Where the sony channel will celebrate the anniversary on the big setup. In short, the latest episode will full of entertaining and joyfully, so don’t miss that episode and get entertain. The Kapil Sharma show comes at 9:30 PM only on Sony Tv keep watching the serial. For more written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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