We are back with the written update of the most popular entertaining and stand-up comedy show The Kapil Sharma’s Show 29th May 2022. The upcoming team in this show is the most popular actor Akshay Kumar itself with Manushi Chillar and the Director, Chandraprakash Dwivedi, for their movie Prithviraj. As we saw yesterday, Akshay Kumar appreciates him as he lose weight and now getting fit and after that, he embarrasses him that he doesn’t know how to react after the compliment, he felt shy. He also made fun of Chandu as he dance to one of Akshay’s songs, saying he should sit with his friends in the audience, he doesn’t know how to entertain the audience.

The Kapil Sharma Show 29th May 2022 Episode Updateac

In, today’s promo Manushi Chillar the Ms. world will be the special guest of this show. Today, Manushi Chillar and Mr Chandraprakash will join Akshay Kumar. They all were seen sharing their, interests, and how they feel working with each other. Kapil asks Manushi if maybe she sign this film because if she will work with Akshay, maybe she can come and meet me. In reply, she says, yes she did this whole planning, just to meet him.

The Kapil Sharma Show 29th May 2022 Episode Update

Akshay Kumar also spoke about the director of Prithviraj, and how knowledgeable is he if I tell him about Manushi, she really has a sharp memory. She remembers her dialogues, but she also remembers the dialogues of me and other actors too. She also can remember the hardest words, which I felt harder. He also praised her for his acting skills, and how she delivers the dialogue. She easily grasps the things and had done a great job.

On today’s Kapil Sharma Show, Manushi Chillar says that she is a big fan of Akshay Kumar, she loves watching movies of Akshay Kumar and loves his comedy movies. She also says that she has done some shows 4-5 years ago, and some of them she got to do with Akshay Kumar Sir.

She also says that she had a public speaking class in which they had given an activity in which they have to write a 5-year plan or one year plan in which she wrote college but his sir cut that and wrote that she will sign a movie with Yash Raj and see, this happened, She then called him and say sir please write some more good things in my diary. I have signed a film. If you want to get more information download this show on the sony liv app. For more information stay connected with us.


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