One of the most popular and full of laughter, the name is Kapil Sharma show, it is Indias most comedy show, which is present by Kapil Sharma, in the upcoming season you will get to see a swag of some of the best dancers, who are known for their dancing skills, such as Remo Dsouza, Punit Pathak and many more, they will appear like a guest, fans are recently waiting for the appearance, and it is so exciting episode of the weekend, so let’s get started.

The Kapil Sharma Show 7th November 2020 Guest Written Episode: Remo Punit & Dharmesh

In the latest episode, where we see, the dancers Remo Dsuza, and some more dancers of his group, we will get to see the mixture of dance and comedy, and it is the time when we all need to laugh in the critical situation. Guest will be including Punit Pathak, Remo, Dharmesh, Rahil did, Sushi, Abhinav and many more, they all are so popular and well known among the people.

People are liking the show and giving their love, as we know still COVID-19 is going on just because of this, people are not allowed to watch the show live, hence through video call they are joining the show, and enjoying, with their family and friends.

If you are also a dance lover then it is for you, as we know the characters of the show are hitting people for six, you will get to see many fascinating steps by the show, Gutthi will be appearing in the show as a nurse, and giving you the dose of laughter, Krishna who will tell about the different kinds of massage. You will see all the dancers sharing their experience and beautiful moments of their life.

all the guest will be like rolling on the floor and, Archna will be making us laugh with her laughter, millions of people are watching the show, even we would like to tell you that it is not only famous in India but also out also outside of India, such as Dubai, America and many more. So watch to enjoy the show, only on Colors at 10:00 PM. Stay connected for more updates.



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