The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the great and the popular show, which is coming on SonyTV at 9:30 PM. In the last episode of the show came celebrity Annu Mallick who is one of the great singers in the Hindi cinema industry.

The Kapil Sharma Show 27th September 2020 (TKSS) Latest Episode Written Updates Guests

Episode Name:- Mahabharat special

Air Date:- 27th September 2020 on Sony Tv Channel.

In the last episode, everyone enjoys a lot because this is a funny, comedy show which comes on television. And it is a family show which prefers all the family members to see together and enjoy the day. The last caption of the show was “Entertainment Hoga Zaroor Jab Aayenge Annu Kapoor”.

In the latest updating episode, the cast of Mahabharat will be invited as a guest of the show. According to the social media source, we know that in the show Chandu and Bhuri will play an innovative Mahabharat. In which Bhuri said to Chandu that you do not look like a king you are looking like a chef. Chandu replies and said to Bhuri come and cook the paratha on him. And everyone enjoys the moment and laughing. Bharu said that in this generation everyone using the microwave then Chandu cracks the joke on her that she take a loan of 20k to buy a microwave and then she tries to crack a joke here.

Kappu and his whole family will be welcoming the whole start cast of Mahabharat in the show. They enter on the stage on the cart. Then one of the cast shares his experience that during the shooting the junior cast was not there so the leader of the junior artist is there. Someone ask where is the artist and what are you doing here he replies that today is Friday and I am watching the Mahabharat. Which very funny and memorable moment.

Then Chandu comes and entertains all the guests and audiences. Then Puneet Issar is also coming on stage and share his moment that every husband when he forgets his anniversary. The whole cast of the serial will share their lots of funny experience in the show with the audience and with Kapil Sharma. In India, Mahabharata is one of the popular shows so the audience is so excited to watch the upcoming episode of the Kapil Sharma Show. For the latest and more updating episodes stay connect with us and follow our website.


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