Another weekend is back with another fabulous episode of the day and fans are excited to watch the next episode of the show, The Kapil Sharma Show. The makers of the show always come on every weekend, Saturday, and Sunday where we also get to see some fabulous popular celebrities of the nation.

The Kapil Sharma Show 19th December 2021

Well, the show has been running for a very long time and because of its hype, the watchers are extremely waiting to watch the upcoming episode of the weekend. Fans are too exciting to watch the latest episode of the fans because of the upcoming.

The Kapil Sharma Show Written Update

We have already shared before the latest episode telecast, the makers always release the latest promo videos and share a glimpse of the upcoming episode. All the fans are excited to watch this episode because the cast of the latest upcoming movie “Atrangi Re” is going to appear on the stage once again.

Well, Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush are the lead cast members of the movie, and tonight, Akshay Kumar and Sara Ali Khan will be the guest of the house. As per the upcoming episode of the show, the makers have also released some promo videos which show some exciting moments of the upcoming episode.

As per the latest episode. Akshay Kumar shows some magic and suddenly, Kapil says to Akshay to continue this and he is going from here. Akshay stops him and says that he is doing this for his TRP and Kapil smiles.

Later, Sumona Chakravarti comes to the stage and Akshay asks Kapil to call everyone because today, they will do “BKP” which means “Bezatti Ka Pitara”. Everyone laughs at Sumona and everyone comes to the stage including Krushna, Kiku, Chandan and Sudesh Lehri.

Kapil asks that why they don’t make fun of Sumona’s lips. Later, Akshay moves to Krushna Abhishek and says that he has been playing all the characters of the industry and those are all fake but still, he is taking enmity with his uncle (Govinda).

Later, Kapil welcomes Sara Ali Khan, and Anand L Rai on the stage. Kapil also makes fun of Sara Ali Khan and her family as well and Kapil gives a spicy reply to Sara Ali Khan because nobody from her show running any show.

Along with this, Krushna Abhishek comes and makes some fun with Anand L Rai. All these moments will continue in the house because Akshay Kumar is also known as a good entertainer and comedian who always makes fun of others. He is a big-hearted man and now, the star of the Bollywood industry comes with the latest episode.


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