Currently, the netizens are searching for an answer of the question on the Internet that relates to the world-famous drama series. Maybe, everyone knows about the series called “The Haves and the Have Nots” that has been airing since May 28, 2013, and recently, the 8th season is airing on the Internet which is capturing the attention of lots of watchers.

the haves and the have nots seson finale

After this 8th season, the next season is not coming for the further story and it was confirmed officially. Yes, the answer is here to your question that the world-famous series is going to its end tonight and it will be last premiered on OWN. It is Lil upset news for the watchers because they love to watch the series for a very long time and now, it is going to its end now.

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Well, Tyler Perry is a creator, writer, and director of the drama series and many more characters are part of the series. The series was airing on Oprah Winfrey Network and the story series was sharing the life of three families- The Harringtons, The Cryers, and The Youngs who are struggling in Savannah, Georgia. Many characters have featured in the show and have been seen in a total of 196 episodes along with the finale episodes.

The Haves and the Have Nots Finale Episode: Cast Members

The series has been airing for more than seven years and fans are loving the characters of the series. Maybe, they are 70% part of the success in the series. Well, Tika Sumpter, Crystal Fox, Renee Lawless, Tyler Lepley, Jaclyn Betham, and Aaron O’Connell are the lead characters of the series and along with them, there are lots of characters who are giving their best in the series. Here are the names of the cast members:

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  •  Peter Parros as David Harrington
  • Angela Robinson as Veronica Harrington
  • Gavin Houston as Jeffrey Harrington
  • Eva Houston as Celine Gonzales
  • John Schneider as James “Jim Cryer”
  • Brett Davis as Mitchell
  • Allison McAtee as Margaret

The Haves and the Have Nots Finale Episode: Release Date

When the news came out that it will be the final episode of the series, many fans started to find out the actual date and time of the series and maybe, it will be worth it because it has been entertaining all the watchers and now, it will be the final episode of the series so, how can they miss it? So, the episode will bring lots of things inside the episode, and finally, the date has come for the episode. The final episode of The Haves and the Have Nots will hit the screen on Tuesday at 8 PM ET/PT on the OWN channel.

The Haves and the Have Nots Finale Episode: Why The Season Is Canceled?

There will be lots of causes behind the cancelation of the upcoming episode but the actual reason is not found yet that why the season is not going to air now. In 2013, the season has broken lots of records and during the first three seasons, it had a viewership of around 3 million. But later, the makers faced lots of problems and each episode just got less than one million viewership. It was found that only 997,790 viewers who were between the age of 18-45 were watching this series as per the survey and that decreased the percentage around 25.


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