The Crunchyroll Original’s The God of High School has got it’s a trailer out recently. The Anime brand has also introduced the characters along with its trailer. The series has been adapted from the original webtoon of the same name, penned by Yongje Park. The God of High School presents the story of a schoolboy named Jin Mo-Ri, a martial art practitioner. The story takes a turn when he and his friends are invited for an epic tournament where they would get to use the power of gods to fight the opponents. With a shady winning prize, the winner gets anything they want.

In the trailer, you would find the hints of the main characters in the series. Let’s find a little more about them. The protagonist Jin Mo-Ri is a carefree, happy go, lucky teenager, swiftly leading his life where he is seen practising Taekwondo which he learned from his grandfather. He is unbeatable, out of 299 fights he holds the record of 297 wins and two settled with a draw. There is nothing more important to him than being the best fighter of all. When he lost his first ever match to Judge R, he decided to participate in the God of High School tournament, an interdisciplinary martial arts competition, where Judge R is one of the judges.

The God of High School

Whereas Han Daewi is an extremely kind Kyokushin karate practitioner who values his friends. He has been taking part-time jobs in order to settle the medical expenses for his partner, who is struggling with a terminal disease. Since he is a high schooler and his job could hardly cover any expenses. Finally, he joins The God of High School with an intention to save his friend if he wins.

While Yoo Mira has a dream to carry her family traditions to the generations by finding a suitable partner for herself, She wants a macgo man who could have the ability to follow her bloodlines. She is a fictitious sword, moonlight practitioner. So, she joins the GOH Tournament in order to fulfil her wish of finding a suitable husband.

The series is directed by Sunghoo Park. The characters in the series are designed by Akita Manabu. While the animation is being done at the Japanese animation studio, MAPPA. Earlier in February, Crunchyroll released their inaugural info of Crunchyroll Originals. It includes eight series of adventure, fantasy, romance, and historical fiction. Crunchyroll is the world’s largest library which currently holds thousands of episodes into its account, and this one will certainly be awaited.


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