The Elephant And Lady TikTok And Twitter Explained: Elephants are considered to be the most intelligent animal on the planet, but they also injure and kill people for different reasons. Recently, a case of a woman being killed by an elephant has been going viral on the internet, and the netizens are speculating a lot of stories about the lady and the elephant. Follow More Updates On

The Elephant

What causes the elephants to kill a human being?

In India, every year around 100 people lose their lives by being killed by elephants, whereas elephants kill around 200 people in Kenya. However, the elephants are also killed for their trunks, tusks, and tail along with their other body parts that might be used by the people for eating. Some businessmen earn a huge amount of profit after selling the body parts of the elephant, but if the elephant stays alive then the elephant would kill the one who tried to kill the elephant.

An elephant killed a woman for revenge

In India, one woman got killed by an elephant after the elephant recognized the woman who had beaten the elephant harshly. Even though it was not enough for the elephant to take the life of the woman, later while at the funeral of the woman, the elephant came back aggressively and attacked the dead body of the woman.

According to the reports, the elephant was first physically harmed by the woman, but when the elephant recognized the woman it went to the woman and killed her on the spot. However, the elephant did not harm even a single pinch to any other villager, but the had become uncontrollable that the villagers could not manage to save the woman.

Who is the woman that the elephant killed?

According to the sources, the elephant killed a 71-years-old woman. The woman that the elephant killed and attacked even after she died during her funeral, is Maya.

One of the witnesses who saw the elephant killing the lady told the media that when the elephant first attacked the lady, she was fetching water from the well, even though there were a lot of people around the well, the elephant directly attacked Maya that made her kill. Some villagers were seeing the elephant killing Maya, but they could not do anything. When the elephant had gone, the villagers took the body of the lady to the hospital, but the hospital declared her dead.

How are the netizens reacting to the video of the elephant?

The video of the elephant entering the funeral of the woman is going viral on social media platforms. This video covered the limelight on the internet when one of the witnesses of the incident released the video on social media. The video was put on social media in the month of June 2022.


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