Neil deGrasse Tyson’s claim to simple the astrophysics by claiming that the Earth is flat on many occasion for the people who believe it.

When they talk about Earth is flat, and the landing on Moon was fake, Tyson given a series of explanation for the people about how they can believe Earth is round. One of the ways is to see the photos that are taken from space. The second way is to see from the Earth surface itself.

The first test by which you can know the Earth is round is by watching a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon which is caused when the Earth is blocking the sunlight for the Moon, and Moon remains in the shadow of the Earth. This phenomenon shows us the shadow of the Earth is visible on the Moon, which is round in shape. If the Earth is flat or disk shape, then we will see a disk shape shadow on the surface of the Moon during a lunar eclipse.

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The second test to make you believe that the Earth round involves an analysis of three wells. If a well is deep, then we can see the bottom of the well during noon time as the sun is directly above our head. If the Earth is flat, then the sunlight will be coming down to us at an angle. As a result, it will be difficult for us to see the bottom of the well. If we place three wells at three locations, then the sunlight will be falling at angles. This helps us to know that the Earth is round.

There is also a familiar example that we all know since childhood. It is about the ship which gets disappear on the horizon. If the earth is flat, then the boat will not get go from our view, as it is round, so the ship disappears from our perspective.

It is always a difficult task to prove to those people who think that the Earth is flat, but the explanation from science is one way by which we can make them believe. If any of them still don’t believe the scientific explanation, then they can go for Tyson’s test.


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