Dragon Prince is all set to take you again to the allies of the land of Xadia in Season 4 to witness the adventures of Ezran, Callum, and Rayla who have to return back the dragon prince Zym to prevent war between humans and elves. The show is made by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. You may be wondering, when is the Dragon Prince Season 4 coming out? Let’s take a look.

But first, a quick recap, the Dragon Prince is directed by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. The third season of the show aired on November 22, 2019. Xadia is a kind fantasy world, derived from the 6 components, namely, the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Skies, and also Sea. The show begins with the exploration of the egg of the Dragon Prince by Calum and also Ezran. So basically, years ago, the dragons, elves, and humans of Xadia lived in peace. In any case, the humans, being not able to use the magic normally, started to utilize black enchantment, which is energized by the existence of supernatural creatures. As an outcome, they have driven away toward the west, and the landmass was part in two by a gigantic river of magma.

The Dragon Prince Season 4

In the last episodes of the show, the armies of the human race were turned into monsters by Viren in his fight against the Elves. After witnessing the dark change in his father, Soren defects the battle. The elves formed an alliance with Dragons and defeated the humans. Viren fell off a cliff in his attempt to kill Zym. The last season left us at the cliff-hanger with the resurrection of Viren by his daughter Claudia.

Dragon Prince 4 Release Date

The Dragon Prince Season 4 is planned to be released on Netflix in May 2020. Although there is no firm news about the release neither Netflix has made any announcement currently, however it was talked much about its launching of the fourth season in May. We are still anticipating their declaration soon. It news are correct, we have heard that the planning of season five is also going on.

The Cast

The cast will include Jack De Sena since the prince Callum, Paula Burrows as the assassin Rayla the half-brother to Callum, and Sasha Rojen as Ezran. The cast consists of Erik Dellums as Aaravos, Racquel Belmonte as Soren, Claudia, Jesse Inocalla, and Jason Simpson as the villain Viren.

We will be soon present with the official release date of Dragon Prince 4, till then stay updated with us!


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