The Big Picture is a very popular show and continues the show is getting a huge level of attention. On the basis of available information, we want to tell you that the show going to amaze you beyond your expectations. The last episode was very exciting and it took such huge entertainment.

the big picture

Here is the complete detail that you should know and get all the important information. So let’s start the brief information here and get all the exciting news.

The Big Picture 9th January 2022 Written Update

The Big Picture is all set to bring a new level twist to the show which will be a great level of entertainment for all the viewers. There is going to amaze you beyond your expectations. The host Ranveer Singh is all set to make the show very interesting and you will get a chance to enjoy the brilliant level of twist. He has planned many things to entertain the audience and definitely the quiz in this latest episode will be so much awesome.

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So far, each and every episode of The Big Picture was so much exciting. Viewers have achieved such a good level of twist from each episode. There were many participants who participated in the show and won amazing prize money.

Now it is the finale of this show and people are excited to watch this final and last episode of this season. Probably, viewers will miss the entertainment they enjoy and the knowledge they received from the quiz in the show.


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Here is the clip available which contains the journey of this show. Also, you will watch the images and short clips in this video. Besides this, in this latest episode which will be the finale episode then we want to tell you that there will be a small age girl who will participate in the show.

As we saw this promo video then we want to tell you that you will see such a huge level of gameplay in the upcoming days. Also, you will see such an amazing level of twist-filled Quiz which going to make you crazy.


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