The weekend has just arrived and come with lots of superb reality shows in which The Big Picture is containing different hype among the audience. It is the most entertaining Hindi television show and continuously gets much attention from the audience. Now, the madness among the viewers to watch the full episode that will be going to air tonight is very high.


If you want to watch your beloved superstar from the Bollywood industry Ranveer Singh then you should watch this great reality show tonight only on Colors TV. Yes, he is the only host of the show who entertains everyone by giving his best in every episode.

Let us also tell you that the show has been premiered on 16th October 2021 and holding such a huge hype and TRP from the beginning. The concept of the show is entertaining because the contestants who participate will have to give the answers to multiple-choice questions based on the images appearing on the big screen.

If contestants give all the 12 answers correct in a row, they are able to win big prizes for themselves as well. The prize money is Rs 5 crore which will be given to the participants as per their knowledge.

The most interesting part of the show is the guest on it. The upcoming episode will be a Christmas special episode in which the makers show a theme that amuses everyone. Yes, the beautiful occasion is very great for all the people around the world and Ranveer Singh making it more amusing for all the viewers. The contestants who will be going to participate in tonight’s episode are Sushil and Indu.

The second TBP promo of this week (25 December 2021, 26 December 2021) reveals Sushil recounting his life story and speaking Ranveer Singh about how much he loves his mother and treasures his mother as the question for 1 crore nears him.

In another promo of The Big Picture, contestant Indu indicates that she wants to fund all the winning money in her mother’s chili and paneer fast food shop. Now, the upcoming episode holds some great moments in which two superb contestants come with some big dreams.

Yes, the upcoming episode will be actually very amusing in which all the viewers will get some major turns and twists that totally amuse every single watcher. The Big Picture will be going to air on Colors Tv at 8 PM.


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