We are back with the latest and upcoming episode of the ColorsTV popular gaming show named The Big Picture. All the fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of the weekend after Saturday’s episode graced with some amazing moments on the stage of the final.

The Big Picture 19th December 2021 Written Update

Many watchers are too excited to watch the latest episode because of an amazing lady who is spreading her love on the stage with her amazing answers. All the fans are excited to watch the upcoming episode. We are here to share a glimpse of the next episode where Charul Rathore, who was also present in the last episode will appear in Sunday’s episode as well.

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The Big Picture 19th December 2021 Written Update

Yesterday, Ranveer Singh introduced a new contestant of the show who has “Nayi Soch Nayi India”. Charul Rathore belongs to Narruka from Jaipur and she enters on the stage with her traditional attire style. Charul came with a dream as she want to become a science teacher and it will be interesting to know that Charul Rathore is a mother of kids.

She is a married woman who is living with her beautiful family. Along with this, Ranveer also encouraged her in the stage and said that she has a supportive family and he hopes everyone gets a family like her.

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Ranveer explains every rule of the game and also asks about her family and her life. Also, the family was also present on the show through a video call and every family member was watching her. Ranveer asks about her husband and Charul says that because of her husband’s occupation, he is currently living in Delhi and working as a nursing officer.

Charul wants to live with her family in Delhi but they have several problems and because of this winning amount, she wants to fulfill her dreams.

Now, the upcoming episode of the show comes with some amazing twits and fun where Ranveer will also some questions to her and says that she is looking beautiful in this attire. Charul also replies her by saying that he also looks smart. Ranveer says that if she were his science teacher so, he never miss his classes and on the other side, Charul’s family is watching them on the show.

Suddenly, Ranveer says that he forget that they are watching us and Charul’s husband reply that it is important to watch him. Well, the episode will come with some more twists and Charul will have to give some answers to get amazing price money. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of the show.


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