Colors’ popular television show, The Big Picture is all set to entertain the watchers once again after the last episode yesterday. Ranveer Singh’s show has been capturing the good attention of the audience since the show started. We have seen lots of popular celebrities on the stage of the show and once again, the episode is ready to entertain the watchers tonight.

The Big Picture 12th December 2021 Written Update

Well, the promo videos of the upcoming episode have been released on social media which can easily share about the upcoming episode. We are going to watch lots of things in the house including some emotions, and love for the family.

The Big Picture 12th December 2021 Written Update

The game show has changed many lives and now, another participant of the show, a common girl who is going to become a popular personality and will earn a huge amount of money. Yes, we are talking about Monika Sharma who is going to become a part of the show tonight.

Monika will come on the stage to play for her family as she is a struggling girl and living with her father. The game starts with a few simple questions and will be displayed on the screen. Host Ranveer Singh will ask some questions one by one and play the game with Monika.

As per the promo videos, the episode will become a little emotional after Monika will share her family problems and struggles. She tells that she used to see her father when he takes the lift to reach his work because there is no transport services in their area and because of this, she used to see him daily facing problems. She has a little dream for her father that she wants to buy a new bike for her father so, she can reduce his problems.

Monika will begin the game with host Ranveer Singh and will give her a chance after choosing one from multiple choice. The moment will become more emotional when her father will also join her on the stage and give a warm hug to his daughter. He says that who always suffered on a bicycle, you made him sit in the plane.

Monika’s father gives her blessing and sit between the audience. At the end, Monika reaches to the highest question of the game and if she will give the correct answer, she will become a millionaire and create the history for The Big Picture.

So, the glimpse of the upcoming episode is available on social media and fans can also watch the promo video to know something about the upcoming episode. So, let’s wait for the latest episode that will broadcast tonight.


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