All people have different sources of entertainment and watching something to pass the time. In this present time, anime has taken space in the interest of many people. This was before part of the Japanese culture and not much anywhere else. However, soon the unique graphics and storylines have led to anime coming into demand across the globe.

Furthermore, with great technology and streaming from online sources, anime has been able to become widespread. The internet has made such a change possible and has given content the ability to spread across the world. Content can be in any form, but it must be important and wanted by the customer, for example, music and TV shows which lead to further content like websites that review them and fan pages for music stars. So, content is always there, the demand should be there for content. The internet, however, makes it a lot easy to access content both legally and illegally –pirating content is what we are referring to. However, it is always safer and wiser to use the content legally.

Furthermore, you can always have more variety of content on TV and with Xfinity Package Deals, you can seize a good deal for both the internet and cable, while you can even get anime exclusive channels on demand with most cable subscriptions. However, when it comes to streaming, many more options would work. If you are an avid anime watcher and need simulcast (to stream as an episode airs), then these options are a great way to get rid of the anime fever.

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when watching anime. Anime is a great pass time and with short episodes, you can binge-watch a few episodes without any regrets. Before there were only a handful of options to watch anime that would include going to your local video shop, then even in the online period, the options were slim. However, now streaming and simultaneous streaming to when a show goes live is possible and there are many ways to do this online. Let us take a look at those streaming websites and apps you can use to keep up with anime these days.


Best for dubbed anime
Membership platform
Pricing from $5.99 to 11.99/m (with ads)
Great variety of anime
Classic anime are available
Upgrade to gain access to HBO or Showtime


Best for Niche anime
Free but ad-supported
Specializes in fantasy, gaming, and documentary varieties
Many exciting titles like Murder Princess and Half-Dragon
Global streaming
On popular devices like Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV

Best for early access (simulcast)
Buying option
Pricing from $5.99
There is a free version
Childhood attachment to it
There is a 14-day free trial available

Best for simulcast
Membership at $4.99/m
Classic and modern titles
Subs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
Simulcast direct for premium members
Watch as it Airs in Japan


Best for Hardcore anime fans
Membership at $6.95/m
More titles then anywhere
Newest shows and old shows
Great navigation of website and application
There is a 14-day free trial

Much like all these top 5 options to stream, there are many others too, such as Toonami, which you can get on the cable even. Toonami was the first anime site for many people. Toonami used to be cable only but is now available for streaming through Cartoon Network. There are only commercial breaks but are free to stream. Then there is Netflix, which is best for the Casual anime and when you are in the mood, you can always switch to other genres or skip on movies or shows. This is a paid platform of course and is available with pricing options of $7.99. There are many titles and many new ones or Netflix Originals keep adding up. There is also a 30-day free trial.

Other streaming sites

Amazon Prime Video

Wrapping Up

Anime gives you a great pastime and boost your mood right up. Therefore, if you are an anime lover, you probably know what I mean. However, most people do not get the thrill of anime, and let us just say they are too cool for it (sarcasm intended). Tell us about your favorite anime in the comments below and where did you watch it.


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