On Tuesday the Crocs footwear company in the U.S launches the sale of their new pair. It was the collaboration with Pop singer ‘Bad Bunny’. We will tell you something which is really astonishing to know. Just continue with us for a brief talk on this topic. We will try to answer your every question in this article associated with this news.


The exclusive edition footwear was completely in interest due to the popularity of Bad Bunny. The pair came with Bad Bunny’s proprietary logo which is also attractive and unique for his fans. Everyone wants it due to the Logo and comfortable design by the Crocs.

Designs the company created with the Grateful Dead and Post Malone — a serial Crocs collaborator — all sold out within an hour. Other recent Crocs collaborations, including one with Kentucky Fried Chicken, have been too popular.

Bad Bunny’s Pair of footwear was purchased on resale site StockX at the lowest price as $265 and earlier in the sale on official site the pair is sold at $65.99.

This Pair of Footwear break the record of the last sale of Crocs and In a 16-minute stock is completely sold out. One of the fan of Bad Bunny, Danny Morales, 26, from Rialto, Calif., tried to buy that pair from different devices but still, he only finds out that the pair is unavailable. He said “I was shocked,” he said. “I really wanted those too.” He already had a pair of Crocs, he said, “but these were Bad Bunny’s. Who wouldn’t want anything he puts out?”

Recently Bad Bunny the Pop music superstar was spotted wearing Crocs in his music videos and live performance in stadium. He also said in his mail that “It isn’t something that I suddenly decided to do, be comfortable. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. I always like to feel good with what I have on.” The Collaboration idea for this pair was originated in Pedro Rodriguez’s mind, who is a merchandising manager at Crocs and a Bad Bunny fan.


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