As we know Thapki Pyar ki is a very popular show among the people, Show has great TRP. This is an amazing serial. Fans love to watch the show Because of this fabulous story and upcoming twists. We have seen many twists in the show, you are a longer watcher of this serial, so you about this serial. This serial is very interesting and entertaining.


Its twists entertain the fans in an amazing way. It is going to be very interesting and thrilling as well. If you follow this serial, Thapki and Purab are a very cute and beautiful couple. Fans Love their pair. We have seen promo videos of the show, according to the promo video serial is going to be thrilling.

As we have seen in the last episode Purab Says to Thapki let’s go our performance is about start. Purab does a cute argument with Thapki, He says he if I want to say something to you so if I have to Tap dance. Why don’t you listen to me? We have seen their romantic dance performance in the previous episode.

They were looking very cute together. Both had twining in the dress, both wears a white dress. We see Purab’s friend wants to dance with Purab but she is unsuccessful in her plan. We saw in the episode that Dadi wants Icecream and  Thapki goes to Bring Icecream for Dadi.

When Thapki goes to bring Icecream, She fell down in the freezer. She was unable to come out from the freezer. She called Purab, But no one listen to her voice. You will see Priyanka stand near the freezer and she feels someone is calling. But she ignores, Another side Purab is trying to find Thapki, Then Purab friends comes towards him.

Purab’s friend is trying to talk to him but he was not interested to talk to her, She says Purab we should dance like before we did as friends. She says to him he should say Happ New year in a loud voice to her. But he doesn’t reply, then Dadi comes there and says I have sent her to bring an Icecream for me, But she didn’t come back. Then Purab goes there, but Thapki was not there, but he feels Thapki is around him.

Another side all are enjoying the moment of Happy New Year, And he finds Thapki is inside of Freezer, Thapki was fainted in the freezer because of the cold. He asks to Thapki give her hand for pulling out from the freezer. She gives her hand. She gets unconscious, then Purab gets worried for her. Purab’s friend thinks she has turned off the freezer then how is it possible, episode ends.


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