The most popular Thai Lottery Result is now available and can be checked on our website. You have to follow our given guidance regarding the results of this lottery and check it live. Here we publish the Live results of today’s Lottery so hold your heartbeats and take your lottery number in your hands. Thailand Government officially released the November Lottery result and soon it will be available here.

Thai Lottery Result

We want to inform all the players who play Thailand Lotto games, Please live on this website in a few hours we will be going to publish Thailand Lotto Result 2020. Hold your letter number for don’t waste a moment and immediately know your number result. Here we give you all the necessary tips to win this Thailand Lottery game.

Today Thai Lottery Result(16-11-2020- November Live Result) announced here live!

This is the latest and finalized result of today’s Thailand Lottery. you can check your lottery number here and find out in today’s lottery you won or not.

Today Thailand Lottery Result

Thailand Lottery Today Result Method:

The First Thai Lottery (TGL) And Charity (TCL) is the hold one number of prizes with the baht payout example
Second game end with the 5 number of prizes with the 1000,000 * 3 baht.
The third game ends for the 10 number of prizes and holds the 40,000 * 2 baht.
Fourth Prize game is close on the 50 number and 20,000 * 2 baht.
Fifth Prizes is held 100 prizes number and 10,000 * 2 baht.

Thailand thai lottery Method

Thai Lottery Result Today Live For 16.11.2020

As we know, there is any time you have faced issues at the time to check your lottery result So, to solve this problem today we have organized this amazing platform for you and set to the available full result of Lottery 2020.

you will get all the prize money for this lottery and get informed about your winning prize. But to now this detail you should stay in this article and scroll down below continuously. The given winning chart has all the necessary details like Tax deduction percentage, Prize money, and a lot more.

Thai Lottery Result Today Live For 01.11.2020

Dear Player on each result draws you can randomly check the different patterns of the every 3up result number that exists on your game and after following this one you have won the Thai Lottery Result Today Live and earn a good profit from this online business.

  • Yellow Game is Second Prize.
  • 3rd Prizes For Pink Ball.
  • 4th Prize For Green.
  • The Bule ball is helpful for the 5th prize game.

Prize Money Structure of Thailand Lottery 2020

As per the official prize distribution information by Thailand Lottery 2020. These are the prizes money as per their Lottery winning rank.

Thailand Lottery result

  • 1st prize winner will get baht 6,000,000
  • 2nd Prize winners will be 5 and each of them gets baht 200,000
  • 3rd Prize winners will be 10 and each of them gets baht 80,000
  • 4rth Prize winners will be 50 and each of them gets baht 40,000
  • 5th Prize winners will be 100 and each of them gets baht 20,000
  • Extra prize due to closest number to 1st prize will get baht 100,000

Best lottery Tips & Tricks of Thailand lottery

Everyone searches for the best tips to win the Thai Lottery result and earn money from this lottery. But Nobody has still accurate tips for how to get 1st prize in the Thai Lottery Result. Here we bring this amazing and accurate tip to get the Big prize money Lottery.

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How to check Thai Lottery Live Result 2020

We know every player of Lotto game, looking for the best website where they find out absolute genuine Lottery result and check it Thailand Lottery Result Today of November 2020. You should not leave this website and follow these steps to know the live result of the Lotto game.

Thai Lottery Result

Thai Thailand lottery Results Live Updates 16 Nov 2020

1st Prize – Baht 6,000,000/-

Coming Soon

2nd Prize – Baht 200,000/-

Coming Soon

3rd Prize- Baht 80,000/-

Coming Soon

4th Prize – Baht 40,000/-

Coming Soon

5th Prize – Baht 20,000/-

Coming Soon

Here in the above paragraphs as you have seen, we inserted a direct link button to check the live result of your Thailand Lottery 2020. To click on that icon you will redirect to the resulting dashboard. The other way is you can wait a little more but you will get all the winning lottery numbers here with Prize Money and further procedures and steps to claim your lottery amount.


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