Another match of the Australian Basketball League will be playing between the team Illawarra Hawks and New Zealand Breakers on 15th May. The batch is scheduled to be played at 03:30 pm in WIN Entertainment Centre. It would be exciting to watch the strongest teams competing against each other on the ground. Let’s start today’s dream prediction with team TH who has played a total of 28 matches in the league where they won 14 matches and lost 14 matches. They have played a match on 11th May against the team ADL where the opponent team scored 66 points and team TH managed to score 71 points and won the match. The team TH is at second position in the league ranking.

TH vs NZB Live Score

On the other side, the team NZB has played a total of 27 matches in the tournament where they won 9 matches and lost 18 matches. The team has played a match on 9th May against the team Perth Wildcats where the opponent team scored 98 points and team NZB failed to achieve the target and stuck at 84 points. The team NZB is at 5th position in the league standings. They need to improve their game-winning against the team TH. Let’s take a look at the live score of teams.

TH Vs NZB live score:

Match: TH Vs NZB Australian Basketball League

Date: 15th May

Time: 03:30 pm

Venue: WIN Entertainment Centre

TH Team Squad:

Emmett Naar, Justinian Jessup, Tyler Harvey, Daniel Grida, Akoldah Gak, Samson Froling, Deng Deng, Issac White, Deng Adel, Justin Simon, Cameron Barstow, A.J . Ogilvy, Maxwell Darling

NZB Team Squad:

Lamar Patterson, Robert Loe, Terry Li, Colton Iverson, Kyrin Galloway, Taine Murray, Jarrad Weeks, Tai Webster, Thomas Abercrombie, Rasmus Bach, Corey Webster, Finn Delany, Kyrin Galloway

TH Vs NZB Dream 11 Prediction:

The team TH has played a match on 3rd May against the team NZB where they scored 75 points and the opponent team stuck at 67 points and lost the match. The key players of team TH will be Tyler Harvey who has played each match in the league as a forward player. He has scored 20 points in the last match and chosen as a team captain. Sam Frolin will be the defender player as he is the best offensive player to compete with.

The team NZB has lost a match against the team TH and now seems like giving a tough competition in today’s match. The key players of team NZB will be Thomas Abercrombie who has scored 21 points in the recently played match. Finn Delaney will be the midfield player and Colton Iverson will be the defender player in today’s match. There are higher chances of team TH winning today’s match. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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