Turkish Efeler Ligi is coming with a fresh Volleyball match for all the fans around the world. It will be interesting to watch the next match tonight of the league. Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch this match on the battle coat.

TFL vs AFY Live Score

According to the updates, team TFL Altekma (TFL) and team Afyon Belediye (AFY) will face off each other on the volleyball coat. Well, we are going to share more updates of the match through these articles. Also, the fans can watch this match by visiting the arena.

If you are searching for the important details of the match such as time, date, venue, league, lineups, and many more details, we will share all the information through this article. Well, the match is about to start and fans are eagerly waiting for their favorite teams to play in this match.

All the teams of the league has already played 21 matches each and now, these two teams will play their next 21st match. Cafer Kirkit, Mehmet Ozbek, Resul Gun, Yusuf Eken and Enes Atli are the best picks for today’s match. Keep reading to get more details of the upcoming match here.

TFL vs AFY: Match Details

  • Team Names:- TFL Altekma (TFL) vs Afyon Belediye (AFY)
  • League:- Turkish Efeler Ligi
  • Venue:- Izmir Ataturk Sports Hall
  • Date:- Monday, February 28, 2022
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST

TFL vs AFY: Team Squad

TFL Altekma (TFL):- Berkant Mit, Altay Demirci, Hugo Hamacher Silva, Amirhossein Khani-Garkoroudi, Mehmet Ozbek, Halil Dolasik, Gazi Metin-Ertugrul, Cafer Kirkit, Enes Atli, Oguzhan Tarakci, Dunya Kandemir, Maksim Buculjevic, Huseyin Sahin, Furkan Dur-Omer, Emre Tayaz-Yunus, and Kerem Yaman.

Afyon Belediye (AFY):- Batuhan Karaca, Umut Durur, Yigit Yildiz, Ilker Esin, Voukeng Mbativou Christian, Mehmet Almaz, Resul Gun, Yusuf Eken, Ogbai Enaboifo Cansin, Igor Tiurin, Kadir Cin, Emre Sipahioglu Tarik, Nikita Axyutin, Cagatay Kir Zeka, and Manuel Thondike Mejias Christian.

TFL vs AFY: Lineups Player

TFL Altekma (TFL):- Cafer Kirkit, Enes Atli, Oguzhan Tarakci, Gazi Metin-Ertugrul, Mehmet Ozbek, and Halil Dolasik.

Afyon Belediye (AFY):- Resul Gun, Yusuf Eken, Batuhan Karaca, Mehmet Almaz, Cagatay Kir Zeka, and Manuel Thondike Mejias Christian.

TFL vs AFY: Match Prediction

The match is about to begin and fans are too excited to watch this match tonight. It will be interesting to watch this match tonight because of their gameplay. Team AFY is at the 11th spot with 7 victories out of 20 matches. On the other side, team TFL is at 14th spot with 20 matches where they won just 2 times. According to the sources, team AFY has more chances to win this match tonight.


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