Who Is Tetsuya Yamagami Wife? Japanese PM Shooter Identified: Since the people of Japan heard about the assassination of the former Prime Minister of Japan they are keen and outraged to know about the shooter who killed him. Many people are also taking over their social media handles to show their grief over the demise of Shinzo Abe. Meanwhile, the current hot topic of the market is who killed Shinzo Abe and why did he kill him? As per the current source, the ex-prime minister of Japan was killed by a man named Tetsuya Yamagami. Tetsuya Yamagami is said to be a civilian of Nara city where he killed the former prime minister of his country. Who is Tetsuya Yamagami and why did Tetsuya Yamagami kill Shinzo Abe? Let’s find out the answers to these two questions in the section. Scroll down the page for more details. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Tetsuya Yamagami

Who Is Tetsuya Yamagami Wife?

The shooter is identified as Tetsuya Yamagami by the Japanese police authority and they also have captured him and taken him into custody where he is being questioned for his wrong deeds. What was his purpose for killing Shinzo Abe or was he working as a paid shooter for anyone? There are ample questions that only can be answered by Tetsuya Yamagami. However, we have found some personal info about the shooter as many people want to know about him. Meanwhile, many are also searching for Tetsuya Yamagami’s wife since his name broke out in the news headlines. Shift down and learn more about him.

Reportedly, the shooter is a civilian of Nara City and he was not happy with Abenomics for a long time. Abenomics is a term that was used for Shinzo Abe’s policies in Japan the people. Moreover, the shooter is said to be an army man who was standing 10m away from the former prime minister of Japan when he fired two gunshots. Meanwhile, the first fire at Shinzo Abe missed but the second bullet fired by Tetsuya Yamagami hit Shinzo’s left portion of the chest.

The former Prime Minister was declared dead while he was being treated for the bullet injury. As per the medical team, the former prime minister was in a state of cardiac arrest after getting shot with a bullet. We are not aware of Tetsuya Yamagami’s wife as the police have not revealed too much about him. Tetsuya Yamagami is a 41 years old Japanese man who worked in the force for 3 years till 2005.


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