A piece of news getting viral on social media in which an accountant named Tessa Ballam committed suicide. After the news broke out, several were shocked and searching to know the actual reason behind her death. Within a day, the news went viral and millions of people get to know about this heartbreaking news.

Tessa Ballam Suicide Reason

Not only this, but her family members are also mourning her sudden demise but still looking forward to knowing the saddened truth behind the incident. Here, we already research a lot on the topic and get fresh detail that may help everyone to know about this tragic suicide.

Tessa Ballam Cause of Death

Tessa Ballam was 31 years old accountant at Myer. Let us tell you that she passed away on 15th August 2015 and the main cause of her death has come in front of everyone was suicide. After a deep investigation, the police finds that she get bullied at her workplace.

Not only this, but she also spoke up about this to her family members and friends but there was no action was taken against them. But, when she commits suicide, several things come in front of everyone in which her company where she worked also shows several issues with Tessa.

Talking about the court hearings, there were several issues with Tessa regarding her work quality and lateness. Not only this, but Tessa also observed that her manager treating her differently from other staff members. Her manager treats her like a child. On the day of her suicide, she got an official warning regarding her work performance.

Because of these incidents, her confidence totally eroded which eventually led to suicide. After her death, Myer was also charged with occupational health and safety but the case has been withdrawn in 2019 even before the trial.

Let us also tell you that Tessa was lived in Melbourn and before her death, she was very excited to celebrate Christmas with her family members and friends. She has also bought property along with her family and the night before her death she spoke with her mother that she was feeling defeated and failed.

In the court hearing, Tessa’s mother revealed that she was bullied by her manager at the workplace and her friends also gave the same statement against her manager. Now, if you actually want to get more updates on this topic then stay connected with us. We are still very upset after hearing that Tessa Ballam Commits Suicide after depression from some incident that happened at her workplace.


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