A piece of the very sad news coming from Vienna that is multiple suspects opened fire in six places of Vienna on Monday. The result after a heavy firing cause one kill and 15 others injured. The police said that one suspect was killed in the firing by the officer. The opened firing by multiple suspects occurs in six places in Vienna and causes 15 people injured and one kill. The police reached there on time and in turn, responded with bullets. In the response to the firing, the one suspect who includes in the attack was killed by the bullet fire by an officer.

Terror Attack In Vienna Austria On Six Location: 2 Killed & One Suspect Shot Dead

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer called the Incident as Terrorist Attack

After the attack, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said that the attack held on Vienna was an explicit terrorist attack. The officials said that “We have brought together several Special Forces units that are now searching for presumed terrorists. So I’m not limiting it to one area in Vienna because these are mobile criminals”. The police said that the attack was supposed to begin from Seitenstenttengasse Synagogue around 08:00 pm. All the local residents are shocked after the incident and every person is afraid in Vienna. The police are finding the suspects and regularly searching in many places.

The main reason for the violence is not disclosed and also any terrorist confession about the attack did not come in front. Maybe the Synagogue was the main target and the attackers were coming to attack the place. The Police warn the residents to stay away from the place and the team of the police regularly searching a clue and investigate the attackers. The Police find cellphone footage in which one attacker shooting a victim and after that, the police searching the suspects who attack in Vienna.

Michael Ludwig confirmed about the People Injured in the Attack

Another similar video of the incident come forward on social media in which the gunman firing on the victims without any reason. The Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig said that 15 people are injured in the incidents in which 7 people are seriously injured and one person was found dead. After the incidents, the special force is working on investigation and finding the suspects who are the main reason for the attack. The attack was not confirmed by any terrorist community but Interior Minister Karl Nehammer called the attack is an explicit terrorist attack.


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