Who Is Tenzin Norbu? Toronto Fire Man Arrested Over Attempted Murder: The man is known as Tenzin Norbu, about 33 years old has been levied with four charges in an alleged attempt to murder. A man from Toronto has been facing charges after he tried to light up a woman on fire on a TTC bus. The incident happened this Friday and police have described it as an attempt to murder that was driven by hate. Tenzin has been charged with an attempt to murder, armed assault, common nuisance, and mischief. He is going to appear in a court situated at 2201 Finch Avenue on the coming Monday. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Tenzin Norbu

Who Is Tenzin Norbu?

The place was near the Kipling Station in Toronto where the man attacked and the time was estimated to be around 12:30 PM. In a press event on Sunday, the police reported that a man on a TTC bus had poured a flammable liquid on a lady that was supposedly on the same bus. After pouring the substance the man lit up the woman. Then he ran away from the scene but was found a place nearby and was arrested immediately. Initially, his age was reported to be 35 but it was later on corrected to be 33.

The female was aged about 20 years or so. She was helped by the employees of the TTC and the other passengers. She was taken to the hospital as soon as the fire was put out. She had suffered critical burns and injuries and was in a grave situation.

The situation of the woman was confirmed by the CEO of TTC, Rick Leary. Soon as the woman caught fire the TTC employee called the transit control and mentioned that there was a person that had been on fire, literally.

Tenzin Norbu Arrested

The employee stated, “I have a female. She has been burned and the burns are possibly second-degree burns” This was said in a call recording of the call that was released officially.

The victim has been confirmed to be out of any mortal danger. However, her burns were severe and will take a lot of time to heal. The motive of the assaulter has not been clarified yet. But, I am sure that the officials will relay the motives of the attacker and if he belonged to any cult or organization, and what had driven him to partake in such a bold act in the broad daylight. All the information related to the assaulter and the incident will be relayed as soon as they are made official.

A horrible incident happened in Toronto, in which a woman was burned after putting liquid on her and burned her in a public bus. A man named Tenzin Norbu is 33 years old and also a Buddhist Monk. He ran away when police came on the spot but later he was founded by them. This incident happened in Toronto on Friday in the afternoon after which people are worried to get outside and these types of cases are increasing in the area. If you are wondering what incident e are talking about so we have mentioned the details of this incident below.

What Tenzin Did To Woman?

This incident took place on 17th June 2022 around 12:25 pm he burned the woman on the public bus and after that, he escape but the police found him and now he is under custody. She suffered from second & third-degree burns, and though she was sent to the hospital named Health Science Centre immediately she can’t survive that burn. The women’s family has been identified and the incident information hs given to his family. As per information, given by CBC news the police said that the case can be transferred to the homicide squad after the victim’s death.

Is He Arrested? Charges & Allegations on Him

As he arrested by the police for burning a woman he is charged with attempting a murder and will charged $5000 and his hearing will be held in court at 2201 Finch Ave. W on Monday. Police also claimed on Sunday in a press conference that this guy was shown in the  camera that he burned a woman and after lightening the bus he ran away. The woman age was just 20 years old and te reason he burned her is not out, and police is trying to find the reason.

Alex Li the spokes person sent an email in which he said we know about his case and the homicide has been notified. People are asking for the hard punishment given to this culprit who is identified as a monk. One wrote that monk are the ones who knows how to keep patience and he is now shocked after hearing this news. He is also having a connection with a murder previously also with the Norbu will share the link of that incident in the court. People are now coming on the road to support the family of her. Stay connected with us for more latest updates.


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